Services and Rates


Introductory Meet & Greet… FREE

We ask that all new clients have a consultation before the first visit. This is in order for us to have a thorough understanding of your pet’s needs before you leave home. It also gives you a chance to meet your pet sitter in person and to ask any necessary questions. The consultation usually lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour. We will go over forms, location of important items, and your pet’s routine, including food and medication. Future visits can later be scheduling by simply contacting us. Very easy and convenient!

Vacation Care Visits… 15 minutes… $20 per visit
                                             30 minutes… $28 per visit*
                                             45 minutes…  $38 per visit*
                                             60 minutes… $48 per visit* 

Going on vacation or just want to get away for a day/weekend? Our vacation care visits are just what you need! Every visit includes:

  •  Undivided attention and affection for your pet(s)
  •  Fresh water
  •  Food and treats as directed
  •  Healthy, fun neighborhood walks
  •  Exercise, play, and socializing
  •  Giving medications/special care as needed
  •  Arranging for medical treatment if needed
  •  Litter box maintenance
  •  Cleanup of pet messes

We will also help give your home an active, lived-in look by rotating lights and window treatments, bringing in packages and mail, taking garbage in/out, watering of plants, and keeping your home clean and tidy for when you return.

Kitty Visits (for vacations)… 15 minutes… $20 per visit*
                                                          30 minutes… $28 per visit

Purrfect for your feline family members who prefer not to have their surroundings or daily routine changed!  Our clients tell us that their cats seem so much happier and relaxed when they get back home.  Cats are required to be checked on a minimum of once daily.  

Mid-Day Check-Ins (daily)… 15 minutes… $18 per visit*

Our budget solution for working pet parents. Long days at the office are the norm for many households! This 15-minute visit is designed for clients who simply want their dog(s) to have a shorter visit and potty break at mid-day when exercise is not the goal. 

Mid-Day Walk &/or Play… 30 minutes… $23 per visit*
 (daily)                                        45 minutes… $33 per visit*
                                                      60 minutes… $43 per visit 

 We will personalize walks to suit your dog’s needs based on his/her age, activity level, breed, and current health condition. We will establish your dog’s specific needs with you during your Meet & Greet session. We can walk your dog for the entire visit, or we can devote some time to walking and include playtime, brushing, or feeding. We can split the service so that multiple dogs each get a shorter walk, or walk your dogs together for the entire visit.

Overnight Care… $95 per night

Our “Slumber Paw-ty” begins at between 6:30 and 8:00 PM and ends at between 6:00 – 8:00 AM.  Hopefully we and your pet(s) will mainly sleep 🙂 but we understand your pet may need middle of the night potty breaks or have other special needs!  This care provides the ultimate level of individualized attention and TLC for pets that might be older, ill or who just don’t like being alone.

* Please note prices are for care within 7 miles of us.  For longer distances there is a surcharge per visit of $5.00.  Prices include care for all pets.