We are Rich and Laura Andrews. Our family has included pets for 27 years and we are loving and experienced pet parents. To us, a house isn’t quite a home unless pets are there! For your peace of mind, our business is fully bonded and insured and we are certified in First Aid and CPR through Pet Health Academy. We have lived in Huntertown for the past 16 years and love our long established but growing community! Currently at home we have Mom, Dad; three of our four kids – Peter, Sarah, Emily; our White German Shepherd JJ, and our kitties Maggie, Ricco, and Aslan.

We adopted JJ and Maggie both through Pet Finder.

JJ         JJ and Sarah JJ3

JJ was found wandering the streets and ended up in a local dog pound. He was found by a rescue organization for German Shepherds and from there he was adopted by us. He’s an absolutely beautiful dog both inside and out and we call him our “Gentle Giant!”


Maggie by window

Maggie came to us from a house of 9 cats. She was stressed and very timid when we first brought her home, but with patience and lots of love and time, she’s blossomed into being the sweetest cat ever, not nearly as shy and so affectionate! Ricco is 2 years old, and Aslan is the newest addition to our family and is 10 weeks old!